The Band

There’s been a few line-up changes since that first gig but here’s the current crew…

All images courtesy of the excellent Colin Dabbs (except the one of Luke, which is by David Rann).


Nick Martin, the main man. Singist, lyricist, founder member and human pogo stick.


Rumour has it that our singer Abigail “Abi” Delaney is the offspring of a fairy and a siren who was brought up in a gospel church. Quite possible.


Karl “Macca” McGann – string-bending founder member, musical director, and owner of the best stubble in the West Midlands conurbation.


David “Don’t Call Me Dave” Rann is responsible for the noisy rumble at the back, sometimes when playing bass too.












And last but not least, drummer (since December 2020) Luke, our very own “Boy Wonder”. Young, yes – but an incredibly gifted drummer.